Providing Massage to a Forgotten Population

Blending 25 years of nursing with massage for the geriatric population, I headed a call to do more with my life.  Taking the rush out of touch and bringing a need to a population too often forgot.

As Baby Boomers age, they are changing the way we look at retirement and growing older

When I was trained by the Bright Heart Healing Institute, I learned the importance of this very large population and how they are impacting the massage therapy field. Even though I am trained as a nurse I also gained understanding about the physical and mental changes that occur with aging, then learned how to properly adjust my techniques for frail and robust seniors.

Geriatric Massage

As we age our bodies change, and the type of massage therapy we are able to receive changes as well. Massage Therapy for Seniors, also known as Geriatric Massage, involves gentle stroking, kneading, and the application of light pressure on specific points. The..

About Geriatric/Senior Massage

There are several benefits massage therapy offers people with Alzheimers disease, including increase body awareness and alertness, as well as a reduction in the feelings of confusion and anxiety. You also build reassurance and trust and help calm agitation. The sense...

Interested in bringing medical massage to your facility?

The benefits of massage are not limited by age, mental or physical abilities.  In fact seniors commonly experienced muscle and joint aches and stiffness.  Massage is known to improve range of motion and mobility, circulation, and overall outlook on life.  I offer special pricing for clients who reside in retirement or nursing home facilities.

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